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What Does the 101 Stand for?

A lot of people ask us what the 101 means? Does it refer to the 101 Freeway in California? Does it mean that the courses are easy to do? Yes and Yes.

The 101 Freeway is like an artery in California. It runs north and south and connects a wide variety of cities, towns, and places that make up California and represent the entire geography of the United States. Like the 101 Freeway, Traffic 101 also connects a wide variety of people and places – Everyone needs to go to traffic school no matter where you live or where you were driving and Traffic101.com has always been here helping you with your Internet traffic school needs. Our company started offering California Traffic School many years ago, and has since grown and expanded to other states such as Texas Defensive Driving, Florida Traffic School, Nevada Traffic School, Idaho Defensive Driving and Missouri Driver Improvement.

The 101 also tells you how simple and user-friendly our courses are. Like English 101, Math 101, and even Dating 101, Traffic 101 is an easy to understand, easy to use, and easy to follow course for all users.

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