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See how much traffic school and defensive driving courses cost.

Online traffic school and defensive driving courses as low as $14.95 with no hidden fees and a 100% money back guarantee.

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Only 3 steps to complete: Enroll, take the course and get your certificate. Traffic school and online defensive driving have never been easier!

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  • CA Traffic School

    Here you will find information on your eligibility for traffic school, the California court system, course details, auto insurance and more.

  • TX Defensive Driving

    Get all your Texas defensive driving information here. We explain everything from state approval to your driving record and auto insurance.

  • Florida Traffic School

    Do you have questions about the Florida driver license point system or your traffic school eligibility? We've got all the information you need right here.

  • Other States Traffic School

    Need to take an online traffic school or defensive driving course for a different state? Click here for more information on other states we serve.

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Online Traffic School and Defensive Driving Courses

Got your ticket in California? Take our course to remove that ticket and keep your DMV record clean.

Fast and Convenient Online Traffic School

Nobody wants to go through traffic school -- unless you're doing it with Traffic101! Traffic101 is a safe, secure, and convenient way to fulfill your court-mandated requirement for traffic school. With Traffic101, everything you need to know about defensive driving comes easy! We offer the #1 online traffic school and defensive driving course, making it simple to meet your court-order requirements and get a refresher on the rules of the road. You can complete Traffic101's defensive driving courses in your own time, at your own pace, and in the privacy of your own home. When you need to complete a requirement for traffic school, online is the best option, and Traffic101 is your trusted partner. When you need to complete traffic school or finish a defensive driving class, you don't want to waste time. You want a partner you can trust. You want Traffic101!


Traffic101 is a safe, secure, always-available website for completing traffic school and learning about defensive driving. We have been offering traffic school on line for well over ten years and we understand the importance of having a trusted partner to help you through this process. We use industry-standard security on our website and we have a staff available to make sure that you can access your defensive driving course when you need to.


We know how busy you are. There's never enough time to fit it all in -- and that's why completing traffic school online is an ideal option. When the kids are in bed, or late at night, you can learn what you need about traffic laws and regulations in your state, on your time. You can take Traffic101's defensive driving courses on your schedule, when it's convenient for you. You don't have to fit traffic school into your busy schedule, Traffic101 fits into yours!


Traffic101 keeps things easy for you. You can access our courses for defensive driving and traffic school through your computer, with the same browser you're using right now! No special software is required. Traffic101 simplifies the process of completing traffic school. With Traffic101, you can learn what you need to -- without learning a bunch of complicated new software. If you can use a browser, you can complete the Traffic101 courses. You can even switch to a different computer in the middle of taking the class!

Take our Texas Education Agency approved defensive driving and online defensive driving course to clear your driving record.

Defensive driving can keep you safe on the road, and a course in defensive driving from Traffic101 makes learning about safety behind the wheel a breeze. Wouldn't it be great if everyone was a better driver? Sometimes we could use a refresher. But who has time for it? If you don't want to be bothered with the inconvenience of driving all the way to a class in some other part of town, on a day when you could be doing more important things, rely on Traffic101 to help you. The Traffic101 online classes will teach you everything you need -- it's a one-stop safety course! Defensive driving is important. Let Traffic101 show you the way.

Traffic101 takes the stress out of traffic school! On line and on time, we're the way to go to get it done.

GetDismissed is the quickest way to contest and beat your traffic ticket in California. Spend less money and save time by getting your citation dismissed without going to court.